About Radio

Melaka FM is a online radio station from Malacca broadcasts on frequency 102.3 FM, operated by Radio Television Malaysia. It plays local news and Malaysian music statewide 18 hours a day. The station will regularly keep you updated on the developments in the country and worldwide.

Language: Malay.

Genre: pop, top 40, news.

Main Programs

  • Gegau Pagi
  • Pesona
  • Panorama
  • Santai MFM
  • Pesona Malam

Main DJs

  • Pooja Pooja
  • Aboy Aboy
  • Asrul Asrul
  • Azizi Azizi
  • Chot Chot
  • Daim Daim
  • Fazz Fazz
  • Izad Izad
  • Murni Murni
  • Mel Mel
  • Siti Siti
  • Yat Melati Yat Melati
  • Sofia Sofia
  • Raihan Raihan