About Radio

Best FM is a private online radio station, broadcasts on frequency 104.1 FM from Johor Bahru. The radio broadcasts hits, news and entertainment. Recently, the station has been concentrating on the Malay-speaking population corresponding to their interests. In the broadcast history of this radio, there is a record! DJ Burhan Mohtaruddin, also known as BBD, held the world record of the longest on-air announcer after broadcasting the station non-stop for 24 hours.

Language: Malay.

Genre: hits, talk, top 40, pop, news.

Main programms and DJs

  • Best Petang Best Petang Helmi
  • Best Hits Best Hits Fiezah Rahman
  • Best Pagi Best Pagi Fad & Zz
  • Best Hujung Minggu Best Hujung Minggu Zharyn


Radio Best FM broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Kuala Lumpur
    • Lembah Klang 104.1
  • Melaka 94.8
  • Johor
    • Johor Bharu 104.1
    • Johor Timur 102.5
    • Johor Utara 94.8
  • Barat Pahang 104.1
  • Perak Selantan 104.1