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    • 罗正, 季美含 - 未来的你
    • Paul Russell - Lil Boo Thang
    • 罗正, 季美含 - 未来的你
    • Paul Russell - Lil Boo Thang
    • 大籽 - 白月光与硃砂痣

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About radio

GoXuan FM is a online radio station broadcasts on frequency 88.9 FM from Kuala Lumpur operated by Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd, under Astro Radio. It plays contemporary hits and popular music from the popular artists of Malaysia. This radio station provides an entertainment program for young people. Listen to this radio station in many states of the country.

Language: Mandarin Cantonese, Chinese.

Format: Top 40, Contemporary Hit.

Owner: Astro Malaysia Holdings

Other streams of GoXuan


  • Joe Joe
  • Catherine Catherine
  • Jacky Jacky
  • Christal Christal
  • Vivian Vivian
  • Lovell Lovell
  • Maq Maq
  • BrocoLee BrocoLee


Radio GoXuan FM broadcasts in the following cities:
Astro Channels Astro - 877

  • Kuala Lumpur 88.9 FM