About radio

Era FM Sarawak is a regional online radio station, broadcasting on a frequency of 96.1 FM from the city Kuching. It plays international hits and Korean songs. The radio maintained its position leading with several million listeners. Every day the station provides shows from the presenters. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Language: Malay.

Format: Contemporary Hit, Top 40.

Owner: Astro Malaysia Holdings

Main Programs

  • Pagi ERA Sarawak
  • Petang ERA ( Sarawak )
  • Muzik Berdepergh Deperghh ERA bersama Chopie ( Sarawak )
  • Vibe Hit ERA bersama Chanteq ( Sarawak )
  • Ilek Lok ERA ( Sarawak )


  • Afick Afick
  • Chopie Chopie
  • Ezri Mukriz Ezri Mukriz
  • Fir Fir
  • Elya Elya
  • Chanteq Chanteq



  • Amirul
    Selamat Pagi ERA SARAWAK. Dari Kuching Waterboard👾👾👾