About radio

Hitz FM is a national station broadcasting on a frequency of 95.3 FM from the city of Sarawak, operated by Astro Radio, a subsidiary of Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd. It plays the news and the best melodies live, satisfying the musical tastes of listeners daily from 6 am to midnight live. Call the number below and contact the presenter to order your favorite songs!

Language: English.

Format: Top 40, Contemporary Hit.

Owner: Astro Malaysia Holdings

Main Programs

  • Morning Crew
  • HITZ Days
  • HITZ Drive
  • HITZ Tonight
  • Club HITZ
  • Soundtrack of My Life
  • Days with Lanny
  • Drive with Zach
  • Weekend Sarawak
  • Drive with Arka


  • Asyilah Asyilah
  • Lanny Lanny
  • Zach Zach