About radio

Melody FM is a Chinese-language online radio, operated by Astro Radio Sdn Bhd broadcasts at 103.0 FM from Kuala Lumpur. The station is designed for the listeners aged 25-49 years and plays the old Chinese hits from the 1970s to the 2000s and some new easy listening music. There are also many entertainment programs for every taste.

Language: Mandarin Cantonese, Chinese.

Format: Contemporary Hit, Talk.

Owner: Astro Malaysia Holdings

Main Programs

  • 早晨 有意思 早晨 有意思
  • 镁日好鑫情 镁日好鑫情
  • 女神经 女神经
  • 秋月的育儿天地 秋月的育儿天地
  • 职场练习生 职场练习生


  • 林震前 林震前
  • 温慧茵 温慧茵
  • 云镁鑫 云镁鑫
  • 关萃汶 关萃汶
  • 辛伟廉 辛伟廉
  • 翁书尉 翁书尉


Radio Melody FM broadcasts in the following cities:
Astro Channels - 858

  • Alor Setar 106.5 FM
  • Malacca 107.3 FM
  • Kuantan 100.0 FM
  • Kota Bharu 99.8 FM
  • Kota Kinabalu 98.6 FM
  • Kuala Lumpur 103.0 FM
  • Johor Bahru 103.3 FM
  • Ipoh 98.5 FM
  • Seremban 97.9 FM
  • Taiping 104.9 FM
  • Kuala Terengganu 104.0 FM
  • Kuching 103.7 FM
  • Lembah Klang 103.0 FM



  • Poor channel signal receptions
    The reception signal is not stable or consistent in the area Johor Bahru, certain areas easily being crossed by Tamil language channel. A lot of distortions in receptions of Melody FM around shop lots areas. Hopefully Melody FM take immediate actions to address this issues to fine tune your chanel receptions in Johor Bahru.