About radio

Buletin FM is a private radio station broadcasting from Petaling Jaya and owned by Media Prima Berhad. The station plays mostly songs from the 80s and 90s. The radio considers current issues such as social and community, and various talk shows and infotainment programs. Based on what are they playing, the name is based on the band Kool and the Gang.

Language: Malay.

Format: Talk, News, Adult contemporary music.

Owner: Media Prima Bhd.


  • Ally Iskandar
  • Hawa Rizwana
  • Izwan Azir
  • Muaz Mohamed
  • Fedtri Yahya
  • Anne V Ibrahim
  • Nash Hamzah
  • Hanif Miswan
  • Shah Sulaiman


Radio Buletin FM broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Alor Setar 107.3
  • George Town 90.2
  • Kuching 104.3
  • Lembah Klang 101.3



  • Azam Penang
    Assalamualaikum... Saya sgt suka dengar Buletin FM ini, banyak informasi dan perbincangan yg sgt bermanafaat tetapi sayang.. asik putar lagu yg sama... jemu juga asik dengar lagu yg sama.harap dpt tukar tukar lagu..