About Radio

Perak FM is a online radio station from Ipoh broadcasts on frequency 95.6 FM operated by RTM. The station broadcasts 18 hours a day from 06:00 to 00:00 and is located in Ipoh. It broadcasts local news, music and entertainment. Currently, it is working in a new building known as the Sultan Nazrin Broadcasting Complex Muizuddin Shah. The new building includes 2 broadcast rooms, 4 audio editing rooms, a recording studio, TV News and Auditorium studios.

Language: Malay.

Genre: news, talk, Contemporary Hit.

Owner: Radio Televisyen Malaysia

Main Programs

  • Gego Pagi
  • Untuk Kome Aje
  • Yop Yong
  • Moh Le
  • Rileks Weh
  • Dengarlah PerakFM

Main DJs

  • Ely Fazilah Hanafi Ely Fazilah Hanafi
  • Saiful Nawab Saiful Nawab
  • Nasreeq Nasreeq
  • Mim Mim
  • Nana Nana
  • Ida Ida
  • Ros Ros
  • Finas Finas
  • Fitri Fitri
  • Harnani Harnani
  • Shaiful Airy Shaiful Airy
  • Maslita Maslita
  • Ain Ain


Radio Perak FM broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Bukit Larut 104.1
  • Grik 96.1
  • Gunung Brinchang 94.7
  • Ipoh 95.6
  • Lenggong 94.2
  • Taiping 104.1



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