About radio

Sandakan FM is a local radio station from Sabah, Malaysia which broadcasts on 90.1 FM in Sandakan and other frequencies in nearby towns. The latest news is on the air, interesting shows are held and you can listen to good Malay music.

Language: Malay.

Format: Talk, News, Contemporary Hit.

Owner: Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM)

Main Shows & DJs

  • Zoom Zoom Nurkisa Madkassim
  • Selamat Pagi Agai Selamat Pagi Agai Angkol Totonk
  • Santai Hujung Minggu Santai Hujung Minggu Asnita
  • Roger Roger Sis Roger Roger Sis Ny
  • Bahasa Etnik Bahasa Etnik Diddy
  • Teka Teki Teka Teki Wanz