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    • 林俊杰 - 无拘 (新歌)
    • 戴佩妮 - 被动的观众
    • 李玖哲 - 人间失格
    • 萧敬腾 - 不完美的我
    • 蔡健雅 - 我要给世界最悠长的湿吻

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    About Radio

    YES 933 is a Mandarin radio station from Singapore wich broadcast on frequency 93.3 FM and owned by Mediacorp. It was found in 1 January 1990. The best contemporary hits music and entertaiment for the young and vibrant people are on the air around the clock.

    Language: Mandarin Cantonese.

    Genre: Contemporary Hit.

    Owner: Mediacorp

    Broadcast area: Singapore, Batam and Bintan Islands (Indonesia), Iskandar Malaysia (Malaysia)


    • 萧嘉蕙 萧嘉蕙 Siau Jiahui
    • 钟坤华 钟坤华 Zhong Kunhua
    • 陈宁 陈宁 Chen Ning
    • 高美贵 高美贵 Gao Mei Gui
    • 张颖双 张颖双 Hazelle Teo
    • 陈启佳 陈启佳 Chen Qijia
    • 朱泽亮 朱泽亮 Zhu Zeliang
    • Jeff Goh Jeff Goh