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About radio

Wai FM is a local radio station based in Kuching and owned by RTM. The station broadcasts information and programs that is intended to achieve progress, prosperity and features a mix of entertainment to suit the tastes of the audience.

Frequency: 101.3 FM

Genre: folk, pop, news, talk.

Language: Iban, Malay.

Main DJs

  • Harold
  • Jimbu
  • Joshua
  • Martina
  • Melati
  • Monica
  • Nancy
  • Christina
  • Madelina
  • Stephanie
  • Stonton
  • Sawai
  • Wit

Main Programs

Pengerak Pagi
WAI 9–12
Pagi hingga Tengahari
Ngela Tengahari
Tengahari hingga petang
Rentak Ngalihari
Petang hingga petang
Sada Lemai
Petang hingga malam
Pemerindang Malam
Malam hingga tengahmalam


Cities of broadcasting

City Frequency
Sibu 87.6 FM
Miri 95.7 FM