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About radio

Melody FM is a Chinese-language radio station operated by Astro Radio Sdn Bhd. The station is designed for the listeners aged 25-49 years and plays the old Chinese hits from the 1970s to the 2000s and some new easy listening music. There are also many entertainment programs for every taste. See the frequency of broadcasting in your city on our web page.


Muzik Cina di Malaysia

Frequency: 103.0 FM

Genre: old songs, pop, talk.

First air date: 15 August 2012

Language: Chinese, Mandarin Cantonese.


Main DJs

  • Vivian
  • Wen Kang
  • Chun Pin
  • Indran
  • Chui LIng

Main Programs

Morning Boss
Eat Play Drive
Private Room
Great Afternoon with Binz
Saturday Melody


Cities of broadcasting

City Frequency
Alor Setar 106.5 FM
Ipoh 98.5 FM
Seremban 97.9 FM
Malacca 107.3 FM
Taiping 104.9 FM
Kuantan 100.0 FM
Kuala Terengganu 104.0 FM
Kota Bharu 99.8 FM
Kuching 103.7 FM
Kota Kinabalu 98.6 FM
Klang 103.0 FM
Kangar 106.5 FM
Johor Bahru 98.4/103.3 FM