Best FM

Slogan: Terbaik Untuk Harimu (Best For Your Day)

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Rating: 4.3/5 - 20 votes

Frequency: 104.1 FM

Genre: hits, talk, top 40, pop, news.

First air date: 1988

Language: Malay.


About radio

Best FM is a private online radio station and the first one, which is based outside of Kuala Lumpur, in Johor, Malaysia. The radio broadcasts hits, news and entertainment. Recently, the station has been concentrating on the Malay-speaking population corresponding to their interests. In the broadcast history of this radio, there is a record! DJ Burhan Mohtaruddin, also known as BBD, held the world record of the longest on-air announcer after broadcasting the station non-stop for 104 hours.

Main DJs

  • Fiezah Rahman
  • Helmi
  • Fad
  • Ieqa
  • ZZ

Main Programs