When You See Someone Without A Smile Give Them Yours!

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    • Maroon 5 Feat Cardi B - Girls Like You
    • Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me
    • Kangen Band - Yakinlah Aku Menjemputmu
    • Noah - Separuh Aku
    • Amira Othman - Hati-hati

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  • Top 5 songs

    • 1 Kcfm - Audio For Learning
    • 2 Tajul, Haqiem Rusli, Afieq Shazwan & Zack Zakwan - Mengusung Rindu
    • 3 Kcfm - Gegaran Muzik Terhangat.. Btcrew
    • 4 Kcfm - Gegaran Muzik Terhangat.. Aku Sayang Kcfm
    • 5 Kcfm - Gegaran Muzik Terhangat.. Semoga Terhibur

About Radio

KCFM is a radio station from Kuah. This station host live programs that help people keep abreast of the culture and traditions of their people. There is beautiful music on the air that uplifts your mood and makes your day better.

Language: Malay.

Format: Culture, Pop, Dance, Folk, Talk.