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About radio

Era FM is a leading station in Malay language operated by Astro Radio Sdn. Bhd. It plays Malaysian, international hits, and Korean songs. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Sabah and Sarawak. The radio maintained its position as Malaysia's leading Malay-language station with several million listeners. Every day the station provides entertainment and music shows from the best presenters.


Muzik Hit Terbaik (The Best Hit Music)

Frequency: 103.3 FM

Genre: hits, pop, top 40, talk.

First air date: 1 August 1998

Language: Malay.


Main DJs

  • Johan
  • Haniff
  • Ray
  • Danial Zaini
  • Hani Fadzil
  • Dina Nadzir
  • Fad Bocey
  • Radin
  • Nabil

Main Programs

Morning Johara
Music ERAthon
Show Features
MeleTop 40


Cities of broadcasting

City Frequency
Ipoh 103.7 FM
Kuala Terengganu 102.8 FM
Kuching 96.1 FM
Malacca 90.3 FM
Kota Kinabalu 102.4 FM
Miri 101.3 FM
Seremban 103.6 FM
Taiping 95.2 FM
Johor 104.5 FM
Kota Bharu 103.3 FM
Kuantan 98.0 FM
Klang 103.3 FM
Johor Bahru 104.5 FM
Sandakan 103.0 FM