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    • Aris ariwatan - Cinta tak kenal siapa
    • Mata - Ayda jebat
    • Ressa herlambang - Menyesal
    • Aku ada kerana kau ada - Radja -
    • Zamani (sufi sufia@jiwang.org) - Terima kasih

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    About Radio

    Kaban FM is an internet radio station specializes in broadcasting economic issues in Malaysia, shows the relationship between the financial condition of the country and its population. The radio team is working on business-related programs. It also covers questions about entrepreneurship, fashion, health, sports, art, and music. If you like listening to the latest information and meeting new interesting people, listen to this radio online every day.

    Language: Malay, English.

    Genre: pop, rock, news, talk.